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Discovery of: Host OS, Web Server, Application Server, DB type, CMS, Directory bruteforce, DNS WildCard, domain_dot, .NET Errors, Favicon identification, Backdoors, Captchas, DVCS, GIt/Svn files, Fingerprint BING, Fingerprint Google, Fingerprint PKS, Fingerprint WAF, GHDB, Google Spider, Halberd, HMAP, HTTPS over HTTP, Import Results, Oracle discovery, Phish Tank, phpeggs, phpinfo, pykto, RIA Enumerator, robots.txt reader, Server Header, Server Status, Shared Hosting, SiteMap Reader, Splash, spiderMan, URL Fuzzer, urllist.txt Reader, userDir, webDiff, webSpider, wordNet, Wordpress Fingerprint, Laravel Vulnerabilities, WDSL Finder, XSSedDotCom, Yahoo Site Explorer, zone_h.

Audit mode

Audit of LDAP, Blind SQL Injection. Buffer Overflow, webDAV, eval, file Upload, format String vulnerability, legagy legacy FrontPage web apps, Global Redirect, HTA Access Methods, Local File Include, mx Injection, OS Command Injection, Phishing attack vector, preg_replace, re-DoS, Remote File Include, Respnse Splitting, SQL Injection, Server-Side Injection, Weak SSL Certificate, Unsecure Connection, Xpath Injection, XSRF, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), XST.


Usage of Bruteforce for: Basic Authentication and Web Form Authentication.

Evasion Mode

Seeking for: backSpace Between Dots, full Width Encode, modsecurity, reversed Slashes, rndCase, rndHexEncode, rndParam, rndPath, sel Reference, shift out-shift in Beteween Between Dots.

Grep Mode

Find: Ajax, blank Body, Code Disclosure, Collect Cookies, Credit Cards, Directory Indexing, DOM XSS, .NET Event Validation, Error 500, Error Pages, Feeds, File Upload, Comments, Form Autocomplete, e-mails. Hashes, HTTP Auth detect, HTTP in Body, language, Meta Tags, motw, Objects, Oracle, Password Profiling, Path Disclosure, Private IPs, SSN, Strage HTTP Code, Strange Headers, Strange Reason, SVN Users, User-defined Regex, WDSL Grepper.

Mangle Mode

Usage of Stream Editor (sed) for pattern matching: Privilege Escalation, Exploiting sudo/administrator rights, DirtyPipe (CVE 2022-0847), Windows Privilege Escalation: PrintNightmare.

Client-Side scanning

Dynamic Reviewer includes an integrated, real browser environment in order to provide sufficient coverage to modern web applications which make use of technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, DOM manipulation, AJAX, etc.