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C#, Vb.NET, VB6, ASP, ASPX, Java, JSP, JavaScript (client side & server side), TypeScript, Java Server Faces, Ruby, Python, R, GO, Clojure, Groovy, PowerShell, Rust, HTML5, XML, XPath, C, C++ (see C/C++ Options), PHP, SCALA,, IBM Streams Processing Language, Shell (bash, sh, csh, ksh), Perl, LUA, COBOL (see COBOL Options), JCL, RPG, PL/I, ABAP, SAP-HANA

Mobile: Android Java, Android C++ SDK, Kotlin, Objective-C, Objective C++, Swift (including templates).


Low Code: Appian SAIL, ServiceNow Client-Side/Server-Side/Glide/Business Rules/Jelly, UIPath RPA, Microsoft Flows and PowerApps, Siebel eScript, Svelte, Camunda, Oracle APEX.  

Containers: Dockerfile Security vulnerabilities and Best Practices