Command Line Interface (CLI), Software Composition Analysis, Firewall Reviewer and provide a Command Line Interface (CLI) for easy integrating on supported and unsupported CI/CD Platform.

Static Reviewer

Using the Static Reviewer Command Line Interface, you can:

  • Include Security Reviewer in your Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

  • Perform a pre-build automated Static Analysis

  • Execute a Multiple Static Analysis (Multi-Analysis) of different types on different applications

While you execute an Analysis of an application with Command Line Interface, you can do other tasks with Security Reviewer graphic interface or Jenkins plugin simultaneously.

Command Line Interface is provided through SRConsole command. It is a JAVA application that can be included both in a .cmd, .bat and a .sh file.

In case of Multi-Analysis, they can:

  • Parallel Analyses. All analysis tasks will be done simoultaneously until hardware resource availability. In case resource consumption will reach 90%, the remaining analysis tasks will be serialized.

  • Sequential Analyses

Software Composition Analysis

Firmware Reviewer

Team Reviewer

Team Reviewer is our default Dashboard. All features provided by the Web GUI are invokable via REST API, including Admin tasks. Team Reviewer provides a JAVA tool for invoking REST API via Command Line.