SDLC Integration

Application security must be seamless throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Security Reviewer products are designed to be built-in to your process. DevOps speed at enterprise scale doesn’t mean sacrificing security and putting your business at risk.


Security Reviewer provides native integration with Atlassian, Jenkins/CloudBees and GitLab.

Integration into the tools you use enables you to test your applications early and often, find security issues and fix them as part of the development testing cycles. Our integration :

  • Makes it easy for developers to use

  • Leverage investment in current tools

  • Reduce friction by embedding security in your current process

Swagger REST interface is leveraged throughout our APIs to provide documentation / API self-reference. The API reference is built into the products and can be accessed through the web interface of the respective products.

Our SDLC Integration is made by:

In order to build a DevSecOps approach in your business Security Reviewer provides five things.

  1. A vision that invokes security responsibility and effectiveness

  2. The leadership to promote security benefits and standards

  3. A strategy to align that vision to concrete methodologies

  4. A DevOps approach to development

  5. The tools to achieve DevSecOps results

To fully incorporate DevSecOps, you need the tools to automate and mitigate risk factors within your SDLC. DevSecOps is hinged on complete security at every stage of your lifecycle, and we offer the tools necessary to deliver on that promise in scale.

Currently, we offer three tools that promote DevSecOps environments.

SAST Security

Security Reviewer offers application security in the form of Static Application Security testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST). SAST works by analyzing an app from the inside out during a non-running state. This means that you can apply SAST strategies immediately in the dev cycle. Since SAST works by mimicking user behavior via AI protocols, it can identify major security concerns in the SDLC framework, instead of post-development.

Our SAST solution is rapid, collaborative, and seamlessly integrates within your SDLC. With easy integration into your favorite build systems, IDEs, Bug Trackers, and Repositories, Kiuwan is easy-to-use, rapidly scalable, and easily baked into your existing DevOps framework.


It’s estimated that 90 percent of security incidents result from attackers exploiting known software bugs. Needless to say, squashing those bugs in the development phase of software could reduce the information security risks facing many organizations today. To do that, a number of technologies are available to help developers catch security flaws before they’re baked into a final software release.

Our solution, Dynamic Reviewer , offers:

Software Composition Analysis

Nearly 70% of every application uses recycled software components (i.e., open source software). But, open source software comes with a risk. Vulnerabilities are wired to open source via its shared source code nature. To combat this, Security Reviewer offers a Software Composition Analysis (SCA) solution. Our SCA guarantees continuity and integrity of open source management and helps you manage risks, ensure compliance, and mitigate vulnerabilities tied to open source components.

Since open source elements are such a crucial part of app development in today’s environment, we offer a way to automate security protocols associated with these components, without delaying your SDLC. Our tool provides open source component detection, vulnerability mitigation, license risk and compliance analysis, and overarching policy enforcement.

DevSecOps is a broad approach to security within the DevOps SDLC. There are plenty of benefits to DevSecOps, and any business that wants to boost their security protocols within their app development framework should consider implementing DevSecOps. To be clear, DevSecOps is not a set of tools or a strategy or a process or a service. It’s a skeleton that overlays your SDLC and promotes security as a fundamental value organization-wide.

At Security Reviewer, we offer the tools to help you rapidly scale your DevSecOps approach and mitigate risks and security vulnerabilities before they start.