Container Security

Containers are becoming the standard form in which applications are packaged and executed, so the need to protect not only the application itself but the entire container against open source vulnerabilities is growing. Security Reviewer, being committed to helping developers secure their applications from open source vulnerabilities, is extending its support to various kind of Containers, with its unique developer first approach. The solution will seamlessly integrate with the various dev and runtime platforms throughout the SDLC – providing deep application analysis, automated vulnerability remediation, and our leading vulnerability database.

Security Reviewer Container Analyzer (aka SRDockScan) automatically scans given Containers and detects vulnerabilities throughout the development process.


It allow developers to easily secure their Docker or Kubernetes images and applications from directly within their SCM (GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket) or scanning images located in registries.

Scan images quickly and easily using the SRDockScan CLI Interface or in local development environments, integrating directly into various CI pipelines. Use policies to break a build in certain conditions as needed.