52x Faster

Traditional security solutions are too slow. They were not designed for modern DevOps with fast CI/CD pipelines. Static Reviewer can scan a complex JAVA app made by 10,000 Files and 1,000,000 LOC in under 5 minutes with 4 GB RAM and 2 cores, 52X faster than other SAST tools. Our Code Inspection tool can analyze every inserted Pull Request (PR) or every build so that developers never have to wait for security results.

By inserting fast and accurate code analysis into Pull Requests or builds, Security Reviewer ensures the developers have the right security information as soon as possible. Mean Time to Remediation (MTTR) is minimized by providing developers the complete data flow, the exact line number(s) where the flaw exists, runtime prioritization, and also the malicious payload(s) that successfully exploit the application.

Legacy SAST tools generate a lot of False Positives. This requires significant resources to triage and tune these tools increasing the TCO. Security Reviewer provides a dramatic reduction of False Positives applying its patenteed Dynamic Syntax Tree algorithm.

Security Reviewer already has the highest score on the OWASP Benchmark for scanning accuracy. The ability to validate vulnerabilities in production using our DAST solutions further improves the accuracy and reliability of Security Reviewer’s scan results.