Products Versions Life Cycle


The Version Life Cycle covers the following products installed at Customer’s premises:

Each Product is covered by its entire Life Cycle by the Support & Maintenance general agreement and by the Customer contract.

As per standard policy, each Product major version will be maintained for twenty-one (21) months. New versions will be available during the Support & Maintenance Phase of the previous version, so the Customer have the time to migrate to the new major version. It is strongly suggested to always update to new versions in order to have the latest products enhancements in terms of features, technologies, security, usability and so on.

After the expiration of the Support & Maintenance phase of a version, this will be maintained for other 3 months. This means that the Product major version is no longer sold; Product version minor updates are no longer released, then neither new feature, enhancement will be developed nor new vulnerability detection rules will be released; only bug fixing will be released till the end of the Maintenance phase.

At the end of the Maintenance phase of a version, customers that want to continue to use an older version may purchase annual Add-on subscriptions called Extended Support Addon (ESA) to extend limited subscription services beyond the Maintenance Phase.


Life Cycle roadmaps

The below maps provides details on current products versions life cycle, when major releases are planned and when their support ends, in order to provide predictability for customers and partners to manage potential changes in their environments.

Static {Reviewer}

SCA {Reviewer}

Dynamic {Reviewer}

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Contact your Reseller for information about software releases of other Security Reviewer products.

To check the last updates on latest versions available of each product, please visit New Features - Enhancements.