SCM Integration

Static Reviewer provides a native Software Configuration Management (SCM) Integration with the following platforms:

  • GIT

  • SubVersion (SVN)

  • Concurrent Versions System (CVS)

  • Ibm Rational Team Concert (RTC)

  • Micro Focus PVCS

Other SCM platforms can used in Static Reviewer. This can be done directly from inside the tool, using the ALM Integration feature.

Further, using our DevOps plugins, the DevOps platform will provide the SCM integration, and Static Reviewer or Security Reviewer Software Composition Analysis will integrate them using standard DevOps pipelines.

ALM Configuration

The SCM platform can be selected and configured inside your ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) as follows:

ALM Integration

SCM configuration can be detailed:

ALM Schedule

Once configurated, the SCM will become a task to be scheduled in your ALM workflow:

Any other task type, further than SCM, can be configured in the ALM workflow, including:

For each task a success criteria can be defined as different return status, like OnSuccess or OnFailure, in order to navigate the workflow.