Static Analysis of Binaries

We provide three kinds of Binary Analysis:

Compiled Code

We provide both Static Analysis and Sandbox Analysis of compiled code, by decompiling it and, during the scan, compare the results with sandoxing analysis. We provide this feature for the following Programming Languages:

  • C#

  • vb.NET

  • JAVA

  • Kotlin

  • Android JAVA

  • Clojure

Applications written using those Languages will be automatically decompiled and analyzed. During the analysis, a Sandbox will be created on-the-fly and each compiled component will be stimulated with dedicated YARA scripts. In the meanwhile, the Static Analysis results and Sandbox analysis results will be compared, with a dramatic False Positives reduction.

For further details see: Hybrid Analysis

Third-Party Libraries

Having your Deplyment Package, we provide a Software Composition Analysis involving the Third-Party Libraries, the Frameworks and the scripts (shell, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Perl, etc.).

For further information see: Software Composition Analysis

Firmware Images and IoT

Either you downloaded your firmware image from your device/IoT, or from your Vendor’s site, and we analyze it. Typically a firmware image is made by a bootloader and one or more file systems. We are able to analyze them, even their encrypted parts. In this case we are able to process a Dynamic Analysis too.

For further information see: Firmware Reviewer